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Holistic, pro-active Financial Planning - specialising in helping you achieve your investment goals.


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Have been studying investments since school. Worked for SCMB (Standard Bank) and overseas. Always updating my knowledge on investment trends. My friends and family are highly respected Financial Analysts /traders and my clients are able to benefit from these extra resources. Prospective clients are welcome to contact existing clients for feedback on service levels and performance. I represent Gauteng Provincial tennis and compete in tournaments,  I also run half marathons. Recently won a CNBC competition for predicting exchange rate movement. Contribute to various financial publication articles such as Finweek and FM.

I am an Independent Financial Planner and member of the internationally recognized Financial Planning Institute, which means that I have to adhere to a strict code of ethics and am obliged to comply with a high level of ongoing education to maintain my membership.


June 2017

During this low growth and recessionary period, try to pay off your debt!  The interest on your debt is most likely higher than any growth on a traditional savings plan in a recessionary environment, so paying off your debt and saving that interest is the most appropriate strategy.

List your debts from the highest to the lowest interest rates (factor in charges) and channel any extra income into the most expensive debt first.

Invest as much as possible into retirement funds – which is the best investment you can make as you can invest with pre-tax money, so you save the money you would have paid on tax, effectively guaranteeing a better growth rate. You can invest up to 27.5% of your pre-tax income up to R350 000 in retirement funds and benefit from paying lower tax.  

Look at tax-free savings accounts, where you can invest up to R33 000 a year in a tax-free account, up to a lifetime maximum of R500 000.

Minimum Levels of Premium/Investment accepted Lump Sum: R5000.00
Recurring monthly: R500.00
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Number of staff 1
Indemnity insurance Insurance: yes
Value: R1500000.00

August 15th update (some points made by Coronations's head of developed market equities, Louis Stassen.) 

Your view on the rand should not drive your decision to invest offshore,” If you are investing offshore you should rather be thinking about your long-term strategy in terms of diversification and portfolio optimisation.”

It is incredibly difficult even for the most informed economists to correctly predict where the rand will go. For the average investor, it is impossible.

Therefore short-term movements in the currency should never inform the decision on whether to invest offshore.

Going offshore allows investors to diversify and not have all “your eggs in one basket!”  This ensures that they are not overly exposed to any single risk (political, currency, commodity etc).

Because we don’t know what’s going to happen, portfolios need to be as robust as possible. That doesn’t mean that funds will always go up, but that they won’t suffer any major losses.

Being exposed to different countries, different currencies, and different markets is simply good risk management. For investors living in a relatively small economy like South Africa, this is particularly important.

On a purchasing power parity basis, South Africa contributes less than 1% to world GDP. The JSE represents only around 1% of the total market capitalisation of all the world’s stock exchanges.

The MSCI World Index has 2 500 constituents. The FTSE/JSE All Share Index has only 160.

By only investing locally, investors are therefore significantly limiting their opportunity set and concentrating their risk.

If you are in such a small part of the world, why would you keep most of your money here, especially since exchange controls have been loosened. That’s not to say that everything outside is good or better, but there is so much more opportunity.


August 1 2016

With the assistance of your Financial Planner,  review your holding of JSE Top 40 stocks with above-average P/E’s . 


June 2016

There will be volatility around the “Brexit” vote; volatility generally means opportunity for longer-term investors.

"The time of maximum pessimism is the best time to buy and the time of maximum optimism is the best time to sell.” - John Templeton (Net Worth $20 Billion)


November 2015

As with Investment Markets, "there is always this to be said for politics: it is never static. If the good times do not last, neither do the bad. Like Nature, it follows a perpetual cycle of growth and decay, and no statesman, however cunning, is immune to this process"


October 2015 update

Exchange Traded Funds: Recent figures show that even among passive funds there has been a big divergence in performance. Certain strategies or mandates have stood up well in the market conditions (increased volatility) and others have struggled.

This doesn’t necessarily show that some strategies are better or worse than others. It is rather an indication of how they perform during a period in the cycle.

This is important for investors in index funds, as it shows how these funds can sometimes show a low correlation to the market and each other. It is therefore vital to understand the strategies behind the indices they are tracking and how these respond to different conditions. Make sure you have appropriate exposure to reach your individual goals! 


2015 update

On US interest rates:

‘This is my forecast for rates and I know I'm going to be right, so pay close attention, okay? Rates are going to go up sooner or later than you think and differently than you think, and someone is going to be surprised’

- Jamie Dimon, CEO JP Morgan

“A huge mistake that many of us make is to work hard our entire life for money and not require money to work for us in return.”

Europe has become 30% more competitive to USA due to currency devaluation!

2014 update:

Lower return expectations in respect of all asset classes Local market is expensive, stick to long –term strategy Negative psychology that isn't based on the fundamentals creates opportunity for long-term investors! “The last several years have provided an unusually clear opportunity to witness the swing of the pendulum and how consistently most people do the wrong thing at the wrong time. When things are going well and prices are high, investors rush to buy, forgetting all prudence. Then, when there’s chaos all around and assets are on the bargain counter, they lose all willingness to bear risk and rush to sell. And it will ever be so” Howard Marks (2011)

Although the Rand has depreciated significantly this year, the exchange rate remains vulnerable in the longer term to weaker commodity prices, a reduction of foreign investment inflows and the social risk stemming from the disconcertingly high unemployment rate among South Africa’s many young people. If you have not reviewed your offshore asset allocation make sure you do have the appropriate exposure. Monitor and review your budget as this will help you achieve your financial goals.

According to Russel Lamberti, Stats SA’s ‘official’ CPI inflation rate understates what’s really going on! A Wimpy burger and chips cost 35 cents in 1972 and now costs R39. The Wimpy price has gone up 11000% but Stats SA official CPI inflation rate has gone up about 5000%.


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